InspiringJUniors UK 2018

Who are the most inspiring girls under 18 who are already active in tech? Who built her own app? Who runs her own website? Who do you know started her own ecommerce company? Who is building robots? Who is using tech to reach a massive audience? Who is working on great research?

We are looking for young trailblazers who are active in technology and innovation and are a true inspiration for others. Who are the role models that inspire others to choose this exciting path for study, work or to start their own company?  Please nominate them today! Or nominate yourself!


  • We are looking for role models and trailblazers in the technology and innovation space
  • Open to anyone who identifies as a girl, is from the UK and 18 years or younger
  • Please explain clearly why you or the person you want to nominate is an inspiring role model
  • Make sure you include a short bio and picture of the nominee
  • Deadline for nominations is 31 May 2018
  • You can edit your entry after submitting, up until the deadline.
  • Please make sure all details are entered accurately, including the spelling of names and contact details.
  • The InspiringJuniors UK 2018 will be announced June 2018

InspiringJuniors is an initiative of InspiringFifty.

For questions or nominations feel free to reach out to hello@projectprep.com