Inspiring Juniors Q&A: Lowena Hull

Meet UK Inspiring Juniors 2018 winner Lowena Hull, from Portsmouth.


1. How did you first get into technology?

I got into technology in Year 9 when I started learning python for the Astro Pi competition running that year. Previous to that, I had only really done some HTML and CSS to work on creating a website, so it was a great introduction into the world of coding.

2. Tell us about your project.

Currently I’m working on a surveillance system for my pets using motion sensors. I’ve been very busy lately but have plans for some interesting projects later this year.

3. What do you love about technology?

I love the way technology can be used to create things previously only ever dreamed about in sci-fi novels. Furthermore, on a more day to day basis, technology can be used to make the world a more accessible, vibrant place for everyone!

4. Who inspires you?

My role model would probably be Elon Musk. Not only has his work on PayPal revolutionised online payments, but his contributions to making the world a greener place with his work on electric cars is really something I respect him for.

5. What is your ultimate dream for the future?

My ultimate dream would be to work in a position that allowed me to see and interact with the latest findings in technology, and also to meet the people behind such creations.