Inspiring Juniors Q&A: Kari Lawler

Meet UK Inspiring Juniors 2018 winner Kari Lawler, from Birmingham.


1. How did you first get into technology?

I have grown up surrounded by computers, but I really took an interest at 13 after I watched a BBC Click episode on the Loebner Chatbot prize and it inspired me to create my first chatbot and from that pursue AI and coding further.

2. Tell us about your project.

I currently have two projects that I’m working on a pursuing. Firstly, I have my business that I am running, which is an AI consultancy, where I help start-ups and SMEs with their AI work. I also have a secondary project, which is a non-profit, AI youth program called Youth4AI where I aim to educate young people on what AI is and the uses for it.

3. What do you love about technology?

I love the fact that technology can help so many people in so many situations. And the fact, especially with AI, that we can use computer programs to solve problems that are unfathomable for humans to even start solving and its fascinating to create the tech that is solving these problems.

4. Who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration for tech currently is Karlie Kloss. I love the fact that she also runs a non-profit that helps so many girls learn tech skills, and also that she embodies the fact that someone doesn’t have to be stereotypically techy to be good at tech. She is a model and does various other projects, but is still passionate about STEM, which I think is an important role model for girls to have.

5. What is your ultimate dream for the future?

My ultimate dream for the future, is to continue building both of my businesses. I aim to have a large consultancy company and be internationally known as an expert in artificial intelligence. In addition to that my goal is to have Youth4AI as a nationwide program, so that I can aid as many young people as possible, for the future.