Inspiring Juniors Q&A: Sara Conejo Cervantes

Meet our UK Inspiring Juniors 2018 winners! First up, Sara Conejo Cervantes from London. 


1. How did you first get into technology?

From a young age I have been really into problem solving and technology was one way that led me to gaining solutions. This encouraged me greatly to attend hackathons where I could collaborate with others to create mini projects such as an Alexa studying Skill. 

2. Tell us about your project.

The project that I have been working on for the last 8 months, in collaboration with 3 other colleagues, has been making a robot which plays mobile games such as Piano Tiles and 2048, using neural networks. As well as this at UN and EU AI conferences, I have spoken about the importance of transforming the education system so that it fits well with the technological world we are living in.

3. What do you love about technology?

I believe that technology really has the ability to transform our world in positive ways if we have people that want to create new advancements for the benefit of humankind. It fascinates me to see how this era has changed so quickly due to technology. I love the fact that technology has greatly impacted the medical sector in positive ways, whether that is in research or in treatment itself.

4. Who inspires you?

I personally do not have a role model per say, but I do admire many people's work in the technological sector. One example in particular is the work that Juliana Rotich has done to develop free open-source software. Her story has inspired me to really get the most out of myself and pursue what I want.

5. What is your ultimate dream for the future?

In the future I aspire to make a change and influence the way people see technology, show them that it can really be used to do great things and help the people around us.