Women in Tech: Karoli Hindriks

Throughout our crowdfunding campaign we'll be interviewing leaders and upcoming women in the tech industry, asking how they got involved in tech and the importance of role models.

In this interview we speak to Karoli Hindriks, Founder and CEO of Jobbatical.


Tell us a bit about yourself and what you're working on

I am the founder of Jobbatical, a marketplace that connects globally minded companies with a community of ready-to-relocate business, technology and creative professionals. I founded my first company at the age of sixteen, officially becoming the youngest inventor in Estonia. I also successfully led the launch of seven television channels in Northern Europe (including National Geographic Channels, MTV, and Fox Entertainment). 

Right now my focus is on building Jobbatical, an Estonia-based platform that matches a vast community of diverse professionals in the tech, creative, and business fields with global companies for extended periods of time working abroad—anywhere from some months to many years. 

For example, if you've always dreamed of living in Europe or Asia, you can join a local team in your dream city and get a truly local experience while working there. We’re on a mission to build a borderless world through jobs. We believe that the more people live and work among other cultures the more creative and understanding our world will become.

How did you first get involved in tech?

It’s difficult not to be involved in tech these days—it’s all around us! I guess I just found a new way of using tech to build more exciting career journeys and through that, move towards a better humanity. 

Why are role models so important? Can you give us an example of how a role model has influenced you and your career?

On the journey as an entrepreneur—or as a person in general—one of our great challenges is overcoming our inner doubts. Role models give us examples of how a simple human being like ourselves can change the world. If they can do it, I can do it. I love following people's stories. I remember being Italy, working remotely for a month at MTV, when I read Richard Branson's “Losing My Virginity”. Branson tells the story of how he started an airline because his flight was cancelled. At the airport, he decided to check how much it cost to rent a plane, did the math, and then went through the airport holding a sign, selling tickets for this flight. This book gave me the good kick-in-the-butt feeling that everything starts with the belief that you can make a difference. I’m also a great admirer of Angela Merkel who probably has the world’s toughest job right now, leading the Free World. 

You can find Karoli on Twitter as @karolihindriks