Project Prep partners with Women's WorldWide Web (W4) and Stemettes!

We want to share some amazing news today!

Project Prep will become available for everybody, including underprivileged girls that would normally not have easy access to the book. Women’s WorldWide Web (W4) has agreed to contribute a match fund to our crowdfunding campaign that will double the contributions made to the project. Those funds will be used to make the books available to underprivileged girls and distributed via Stemettes' nationwide initiatives. 

This is amazing for several reasons, the most important one being that with a focus on diversity, inclusion is maybe more important now than ever. For the last few years we have been actively trying to inspire more girls and women to pursue a career in tech and it is important that this applies to ALL girls and women. Not just ones that we can easily reach, not just the ones that are in our existing networks. If we want technology to become truly diverse it is important to reach beyond that and make an effort to reach people that are outside of our own bubble.

Secondly, it is really great to see that the women in the Inspiring Fifty network are committed to help each other to truly make a difference. Several of the Inspiring Fifty women have appeared in our crowdfunding video, including Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke and Anne-Marie Imafidon who jumped at the chance to be involved. It confirms our idea that together we can make a difference!

And last but not least, I have seen for myself the difference technology can make in the lives of people when traveling to South Africa to visit the UNICEF TechnoGirls program

Janneke Niessen's visit to UNICEF TechnoGirls in South Africa

Janneke Niessen's visit to UNICEF TechnoGirls in South Africa

“I have learned that you can actually change your tomorrow.”
“It showed me that I can have dreams. That I am allowed to dream beyond my situation today.”
“Instead of looking at me as a girl from a township they looked at me as somebody with potential.”

These are just some of the comments made by participants of the program. The TechnoGirls program identifies high school girls between the ages of 15 and 18 who are from disadvantaged communities (rural and urban), and who are performing well academically. Through a mentorship system, the girls are guided to make informed career choices, with an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math.

It was inspiring and encouraging to hear their stories and see the impact of the program. They are much more confident and actually see a future for themselves, often very different to what they had in mind initially. They dare to dream big! The stories of the girls clearly show the difference technology can make in the lives of people, underlining the importance of role models and proves how technology can empower everybody, regardless of their background.

With that in mind I really wanted to make sure that with Project Prep we would make sure we would reach girls from all backgrounds with our crowdfunding campaign as well.

Written by Janneke Niessen

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